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People love radio.

In 2013, record audiences listened to radio throughout the UK! Almost 47 million (90%) adults listen to radio every week for an average of 22 hours. This proves that that radio is still the nation’s second most-consumed medium after TV, accounting for over a quarter of the average adult’s time spent with media across the day.

With the opportunity to listen in beyond a traditional wireless, a range of ways to listen through digital platforms have expanded the opportunity to tune in to your favourite station.

90% of listeners do something else while listening to radio; listening on the move, whilst driving, whilst at home doing housework or at work. Radio, unlike TV and press, doesn’t require any commitment of time – it fits round listeners’ lives.

47.3 million adults (over 15) listen to radio – or 90% of the population. In total across the UK that’s 1.03 billion hours of listening.

Source: RAB 2013

Over 34% now listen via a digital platform. 76% listen at home; 59% in a vehicle and 24% at work or elsewhere. 20% of adults listen via their mobile phone.

Source: RAB 2013


We’re not the same as the crowd. The innovators, if you will. We truly believe in the benefits of being LOCAL so that’s what we are – 100% of the time.We broadcast the latest LOCAL news, the latest LOCAL sport, LOCAL travel delivered through our LOCAL presenters playing the best tunes throughout the day, 24/7!

The Bridge is a Community Radio Station. That mean’s we’re not-for-profit and are run ENTIRELY by VOLUNTEERS, who give up their time to bring YOU the very best. In fact we’re so good Ofcom have extended our licence until 2017!

The Station

102.5 The Bridge has a potential audience reach of over 240,000 people across the Black Country!


When you advertise with us, the revenue we make goes back into investing in the station: from technical infrastructure through to providing latest online innovations.

Everyone involved in The Bridge CARES and, just because we’re volunteers, doesn’t mean to say we’re amateur.

LISTEN IN – we think we are better than our commercial competitors!!

Our volunteers also train new volunteers, support local initiatives and charities, promote non-profit community events and organisations, give access to local MPs and Councillors to engage with the community on a one-to-one basis, support local creative talent and promote just what is brilliant about the Black Country! Wow!

The Benefits

By advertising with The Bridge you are not only promoting your company, you are investing back into the LOCAL community, not into a shareholder’s pocket.One of our core values is to forge and develop ties within our local communities – social enterprise at its very best!

Here at The Bridge, we don’t have favourites. For us, it’s not all about filling our ad breaks with big name companies – we’re all about inclusivity. It doesn’t matter if you’re a national supermarket or a corner shop, there’s a package on offer to get your name out there at a price you can afford.

We want to help small businesses when times are hard. We have some great deals for you. It is part of our commitment to LOCAL communities.

The Bridge is YOU! It’s local people, who use your local business, who listen.

With us, every listener is PART of The ’Bridge – they are part of OUR family.


Every client is different and that’s the key to what we do. Whether you’ve got a ready made advert or just an idea in your head, our team will help you to create something beautiful. You’ve got the product, we can provide script writers, voiceovers, editors and programmers to get your advert on the radio. It doesn’t stop there either; if you’d rather advertise online then you don’t need a degree in graphic design – we’ve got that covered too!If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. You pass us a box and we’ll think outside of it for you!

There’s a few ways we can get your message heard…

On Air

Tried and tested. It works. We will deliver campaigns that targets the people that you want to reach. We can ensure that your advertising pennies work hard for you in all the ways we have available.

Sponsorship and Promotions

Another way to interact powerfully with listeners is through innovative sponsorship and promotions packages. Radio is the most trusted form of media and these opportunities allow you to get even closer to our listeners. Bespoke shorter-term promotions can quickly build excitement and participation, while sponsorships allow you to build awareness of your brand over a period of time, via on-air activity, off-air events or online.

Online and Interactive

Supporting your campaign online is a great way to add depth to your campaign. attracts on average 15,000 unique visitors to our website every month and it’s growing - so it is a great place to engage with listeners. Whether it is bespoke content, running a competition or perhaps producing some video material, the team at The Bridge will be able to help.

For more information on advertising with us…

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