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People Love Radio!

People love radio. Let’s face it. You’ve come to look at this page because you’re interested in radio advertising and – whilst it sounds like a cliché – so are your customers. We’re in their homes, their offices, their shops and their cars and we can get YOUR message out to YOUR customer base.

There’s over 63 million people living in the UK and 89% of the population tune into radio EVERY WEEK – that’s over 1.02 billion hours in this latest quarter alone with listeners tuning in for 21 hours every seven days. 54% of those listeners get their fix through DAB or online through UK Radioplayer and other services, in fact, 39.6% of all radio listening is via a digital platform!

Listeners use social media too. 31% of adults (and 44% of 15-24 year old’s) actively engage with their radio station online. Take a look at our Facebook or Twitter feeds – we love to talk!

(Source: RAJAR May 2015)

The Bridge is different to any other station you can think of. We truly believe in the benefits of being LOCAL, so that’s what we are – 100% of the time. We broadcast up-to-date LOCAL news, the latest LOCAL sport and travel whilst playing the best tunes throughout the day, 24/7!

The Station

102.5 The Bridge has a potential audience reach of over 240,000 households across the Black Country. That’s not to mention the audience listening online as well – on the move through mobile devices, through PCs and tablets.

Think about it… that’s almost a quarter of a million potential and existing customers waiting to hear what you have to say! The other big difference with us, is that the revenue we make goes back into the station. From technical infrastructure, roadshow equipment and online creativity. We cover a wide area too…. :


The Benefits

By advertising with The Bridge, you’re not only promoting your company. You are investing back into the LOCAL community, not into a shareholder’s pocket. One of our core values is to forge and develop ties within our local communities. The Bridge is a community station – every year, we promote and give airtime to over 350 charities, helping to raise their profile in the local area. You can align your brand with a station that has an award-winning record of helping hundreds of local community organisations.

We want to help small businesses when times are hard rather than just giving another platform exclusively to big brands. If you fit that criteria, we have some great deals for you. It is part of our commitment to LOCAL communities.

The Bridge is YOU. It’s local people, who use your local business, who listen to the station and use our website.


Every client is different and that’s the key to what we do. Whether you’ve got a ready made advert or just an idea in your head, our team will help you to create something beautiful. If you’d rather advertise online then you don’t need a degree in graphic design – we’ve got that covered too!If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry. You pass us a box and we’ll think outside of it for you. There’s a few ways we can get your message heard:

Commercial Airtime

Tried and tested. It works. We can deliver campaigns that target the people that you want to reach whilst ensuring that your budget works hard for you. Your message can be heard as a commercial or as sponsorship on a show or element of the schedule. Radio is the most trusted form of media and these opportunities allow you to get even closer to our listeners. Bespoke shorter-term promotions can quickly build excitement and participation, while long term campaigns or sponsorships allow you to build awareness of your brand over a period of time.

Online and Interactive

Online campaigns can run concurrently to on air ones, or separately. Hosting, or supporting, your campaign online is a great way to add depth. Our website attracts, on average, 17,000 unique visitors to our website every month and it’s growing – so it is a great place to engage with listeners. There’s a few advertising positions available, plus there’s re-skin options for the website to REALLY drive that message home!

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